Zone of protection and observation of birds ZEPA "The Basal, The Menorcas and Llanos de Cardiel"

The Ballobar area is an important area for wintering and breeding of steppe birds, especially Ganga (Pterocles alchata) and enclaves with the presence of Dupont's Lark (Chersophilus duponti). There are breeding colonies of Cernícalo Primilla (Falco naumanni). It also has the presence of endemic plants of the Depression of the Ebro. In this area there are two important temporary saline lagoons with vegetation and invertebrates of special scientific interest.


  • Ballobar: 2903.3 has
  • Candasnos: 725.72 has
  • Fraga: 2506.07 has
  • Ontinena: 852.1 has

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It is a ZEPA constituted by three different units. One of 3140 ha that includes the Basal de Ballobar and the Balsalet de Don Juan; another that includes the plains of Las Menorcas, with 1355 ha; and the cereal plains known as Llanos de Cardiel, with 2495 ha. They are structural plains on marl and limestone of the Miocene, with little presence of plasters. Some of these plains are covered by glacis. The natural vegetation is constituted by very degraded romerales or coscojares. Dominant cultivation of cereal in dry land that in some areas has completely eliminated natural vegetation. Presence of some woody crops. Two salty temporary lagoons (Basal de Ballobar and Basalet de Don Juan).

Wildlife of the area


common frog, toad runner, toad of spurs, ...


royal gray shrike (northern shrike, or picapuercos), European bee-eater, hoopoe, short-toed eagle, golden eagle or golden eagle, Montagu's harrier, western marsh harrier, pale harrier or creeping sparrowhawk, common curlew, common shrike, European hobby, common Egyptian vulture , common skylark, Dupont lark or dicotí, lark totovía, mallard (azulón), sandpiper, chico, jay, European small owl, common plane, rocky plane, common goshawk, pipit, owl, owl, buitrón, buzzard ( common buzzard), common warbler, common great tit, european rattle, common reed warbler, reed warbler, lesser kestrel, lesser kestrel, small plover, gray nightjar, brown nightjar, red billed stork, white stork, common quail, common stork, moray eagle, wheatear gray, black wheatear, blond wheatear, black crow, European críalo, common cuckoo, crow, warbler, myrrhine warbler, warbler, warbler rabilarga, warbler tomillera, warbler scuttle, gardener scribe, montesino scribe, black starling, common redfish (moorhen, black chick, gal, Iberian gangue, gangue ortega, swallow, sparrow, common sparrow, sparrow miller, western jackdaw , Pelegrino falcon, Capuchin blue tit, Blue tit, Goldfinch, White wagtail, Snowy owl, Black kite, Red kite, Common blackbird, Myth, Little owl, Iberian mosquito net, Papier mosquito net, European oriole or oriole, European moscow bird, domestic pigeon, wood pigeon, zurita pigeon, gray flycatcher, common linnet, red partridge, chaffinch, common whistle, common rail, bastard nightingale, common nightingale, little bustard, common stonechat, common terrera, marsh terre, European turtle dove, turkey turtledove , wild, magpie, common swift, royal swift, little green, European greenfinch or common greenfinch, pale macaw, common zarcero, song thrush,


4 leaf clover hairy, ...


agabus nebulosus, agabus ramblae, river clam, berosus affinis, berosus hispanicus, coenagrion caerulescens, enochrus ater, enchshrus bicolor, aquatic beetle, helochares lividus, helophorus alternans, helophorus brevipalpis, hydroglyphus geminus, hydrophilus pistaceus Laporte de Castelnau, dragonfly coenagrion scitulum, dragonfly gomphus simillimus simillimus, dragonfly onychogomphus costae, noterus clavicornis, noterus laevis, rhantus suturalis, unio mancus,


Deer, common rabbit, marten, wild boar, hare, Iberian hare, European otter, common rat, water rat, house mouse, common badger, fox, catfish, red-backed barbel, barbel de Graells, Iberian goby, madrilla, ...


snake bastard, snake collar, snake ladder, snake viperina, iberian skink, terrapin leper, lizard colilarga, red lizard, Iberian lizard, ocellated lizard, lucion, common gecko, pink gecko,

Ballobar ZEPA

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