South of Sariñena we find an exceptional enclave, Jubierre. In this enclave of the Monegros region we can enjoy the impressive landscapes of tozales and torellones born from the erosion of the water and the landslide that stands out in a plain landscape.

tozal de la cobeta

From Ballobar you can get there by following the national A-131 towards Sariñena. Upon arrival you have to leave the road and take a dirt track in good condition to the hermitage of San Miguel, where you can park your car. From this point our Nordic Walking route begins



2 h


5 km


Round Trip





Jubierre is one of the most impressive areas of the Monegros desert, declared a steppe zone and declared a place of community importance.

The route to the tozal de la Cobeta, starting from the Ermita de San Miguel, is a typical walk through deserted areas, with paths diffused by the abundance of thickets, crossing tollos, gullies and multicolored mounds eroded by the force of the water. Throughout the tour we will be able to see the tozal, which will make it easier for us to follow the correct path. Once at the foot of the Tozal de La Cobeta we can see them from the side, the base or the Sierra de la Cobeta and thus admire the breadth of the landscape and the mountains.

The route is marked with green beacons at its base and yellow-orange at the top. The beacons have arrows that indicate the direction. But As we have said the reference is the tozal that we can see from any point of the path, with which the orientation is very easy.

We will gradually approach our destination, the Tozal de la Cobeta. We recommend getting close to the foot so that you can see it from bottom to top and in profile. We advise you to get to its southern hill to admire from above the pedestal, the upper stratum, the adjoining serreta. There is where you can enjoy the spaciousness of the landscape.

These tozales (like the señoré de Balón, or in the Alcolea area, are numerous in the Monegros area. They originate due to the intense phenomenon of water erosion, which dissolves the soft areas of gypsum and marl until by weakening them, they sink.

If the upper cover is made of sandstone, which is harder, this surface remains, supported by the lower strata, and it is in these chaos that these peculiar natural towers give rise.

The return to the hermitage where you have left the car is along the same path. You can extend the route by visiting more examples of this curious geological phenomenon: the Tozal de Colasico, Los Pedregales, the Tozal Solitario… To do this, you just have to leave the axis of the track you are traveling and follow the marked trails.



Route organized by AGUALATE