Ballobar has an urban artist, Alberto Soez. He started his career as a graffiti artist in the 90s. He signs his works as @SOEZ. In Ballobar there are several pieces that represent moments of daily life and "Ballobarinos"


Tribute to the women washerwomen in the la the street del torno

It is one of the pieces that can be seen wandering around Balobar, this one in particular is located on a wall in Calle del Torno. It is a clear tribute to the women of Ballobar that in the past, when the water did not reach the houses, they had to go to the river Alcanadre to wash the cloths.

Graffiti claiming the monegro channel

We found this mural in Candasnos. With this work @albertosoez tries to represent the claims of local irrigators who demand "now!" parrots that regulate the Gállego river reservoirs. The work is financed by the Candasnos Irrigation Community.