Salvator Sabaté House Museum

The Catalan artist lived in fraga since 1938. His old house is now a monographic museum that houses the most complete collection of the artist's work inside. 

In the home that the Lleida painter Salvador Sabaté (Maials, 1921 - Fraga, 1984) inhabited until his death, his family exhibits his most relevant works. 

The objective of the Salvador Sabaté House Museum is to highlight the figure of the artist, his existential nucleus, his personal relationships and the landscapes of his surroundings, which have always influenced his work. In addition, the House Museum allows you to delve into the artist's identity, his intimacy, his life and his memories, to better understand the meaning of his paintings. 

Through an intimate route through the permanent exhibition, the Salvador Sabaté House Museum allows you to discover the artist's personal world, promoting knowledge of the 20th century's own pictorial creation. 

This unique museum has an important set of works, drawings and sculptures on different themes, as well as portraits, landscapes, urban views, natures and symbolic works of a dreamlike nature. 

Portrait painter, roses, typical landscapes, from the surroundings of Fraga and other cities visited by the painter. Its mission is to teach and promote culture and art to the new generations. 

The museum promotes creation and research in the field of contemporary art, for artists, who may have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge.

Address: Calle de los Pirineos, 17, 22520 Fraga, Huesca

Telephone: 974 47 11 71


Salvator Sabaté House Museum

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