Montcada Palace

This palace is located in the old town of Fraga near what was an Arab castle. Its construction is the seventeenth century. 

It is an ashlar building that follows the Aragonese Renaissance architectural lines. 

It has been recently restored to house the Historical Archive, the Municipal Library and the Museum of the city. 

This space is now, therefore, a museum of the city and its surroundings. It includes among its contents an interpretation center of the Roman site of Villa Fortunatus, it has a room dedicated to ceramics, which was of vital importance in the rural world of the area. It also has a space dedicated to the traditional dresses of the men and women of Fraga.

The natural environment of the municipality is presented in another room of the tower. In this room the visitor can know and appreciate the varied landscape, structured by the course of the Cinca river and close to the steppes of Monegros. 

Address: Calle San José de Calasanz, 12, 22520 Fraga, Huesca 

Telephone: 974 47 34 20

Palacio de Montcada