Live the deer bellowing in Bajo/Baix Cinca 

We are approaching the rutting season when Deer change their behavior during the female breeding season. Male Deer fight each other to compete for them and emit the characteristic sound. It is a spectacle of nature that attracts many curious people. But as you always have to know how to observe and not disturb, we can't approach or chase or focus with spotlights at night to see it better. We must know how to enjoy respecting the animals.

Los berridos del ciervo retumban a kilómetros de distancia

Where you can live this experience in the Bajo/baix Cinca 

Los Ciervos are spread over several areas, in Mequinenza and around the reservoir, in Torrente de Cinca, Candasnos, Peñalba and Caspe. 

The deer population in Bajo/Baix Cinca

It is estimated that the population of deer of the Bajo/ Baix Cinca, is about 1700 specimens. It is the only native population of deer in Aragon since it has never been extinct. In 1969 a project was started to reinforce this population by releasing twelve specimens from Andalusia. 

Suggested excursions to see them

One of the places to observe and live the deer rut is in the Barranco de Valcuerna in Candasno, 30' from Ballobar.

Barranco Valcuerna

Other places are the Serreta Negra, in Fraga, and the ravines of La Valcuerna, La Liberola and the pine forests of Caspe

Serreta Negra