Muslim site Las Cías

It is one of the must-see visits in the area. This Muslim settlement is estimated to have been inhabited during the 9th to 11th centuries. It is an essential place to learn about the Islamization of the Ebro Valley.

It was occupied by a rural population in the Upper March of Al-Andalus. This village is located on a promontory overlooking the river Flumen. By its position this town dominated the Hoya de Huesca.

The visit allows to observe the urban framework, the houses, some of them carved in the rock. This town had cisterns that are perfectly preserved and an area was dedicated to workshops. 

You can see an oil mill for the olive press to obtain oil.

It has an oratory mosque or musalla, dedicated to occasional prayers in special celebrations. 

From here we launch an appeal since, unfortunately, it is a key site in Aragon at high risk of irreversible deterioration, its state of semi-abandonment is critical.

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