Reservations will be confirmed only if the corresponding advance has been paid, being only valid for people and dates

indicated. The reservation will be returned in full if the client gives more than 10 days' notice. 50% will be refunded if the client notifies between

10 and 5 days in advance. Nothing will be returned if the client gives less than 5 days notice. The cancellation will be understood from the day an e-mail is sent confirming the cancellation.


Upon entering the house, the rest of the amount of the stay will be paid. The house will be delivered on the day of departure in the same conditions in which it was delivered at the time of entering. The client undertakes, at the end of the contract, to deliver in the same conditions in which he receives them, both the premises and the furniture and equipment, being at his own expense the replacement and repair of any losses and deteriorations attributable to them. We reserve the right to ask you for a deposit of 100 euros (cash delivery), which will remain in deposit and will be returned to you on the day of departure, if there are no damages or extra cleaning costs, both indoors and outdoors, which will be deducted from said deposit. . The refund would be made in cash


No more people than those stipulated in this contract will be admitted. If there is a need to accommodate a larger number of people, the property must be notified to authorize their accommodation. Access to the facilities is only and exclusively authorized to the number of people who appear in this contract. In the event that outsiders are detected, the contract will be annulled, having to leave the facilities immediately without giving rise to returns and in case of refusal, the corresponding authority will be called to proceed with the eviction according to law. In the event of an inspection of the house by the Civil Guard if they find more people than those declared, the responsibility will be the contracting or signing traveler. Dogs and cats are allowed inside the house with prior express authorization at the time of booking.


The time of entry will be at 17:00 and the departure time at 12:00. This schedule can be modified, upon request by the client and if the arrival of new clients allows it. If it had been allowed to leave after eating, it would have to be before 5:00 p.m.


The rent includes: bed and bath linen, bathroom supplies, running water and electricity, appliances, crockery, cutlery, glassware, kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, furniture, and cleaning before your arrival. During the stay, cleaning is the responsibility of the tenant.


The owner may automatically terminate the contract in the following cases: • Excess of the number of authorized occupants. • Breach of the usual rules of civility, hygiene, coexistence or common public order.


Responsibilities excluded: - Theft, loss or damage that clients may suffer during their stay in the rented accommodation. - The cuts of electricity, water or gas supplies. - The breakage of electrical appliances or any other device that is part of the accommodation must be reported to us immediately to notify the appropriate Technical Service, but the non-assistance by this service will not be a reason for any compensation. - The works that the City Council or other companies outside the Rural House, may carry out in the vicinity and that may affect the normal development of the client's stay. - Any type of major, natural or similar cause that prevents the enjoyment of the facilities of the Rural House.


Access to the children's pool must be under the permanent supervision of the responsible adult, the parents or guardians being responsible for the use of the facilities, as well as the security measures.


In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, I give my consent for the data I provide to be included in an automated file owned by Gasa Guzman and used to your customer database and I declare to be informed about the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition that I may exercise by email rfeservas@casaguzmanballobar.com or at the registered office of Casa Guzman, at Cl. San Juan Alta 17 de Ballobar ( Huesca)


The lessee will be liable for damages due to breach of contractual obligations and for damages originating in the house or in the furniture included in this lease. The tenant is responsible, not only for his own acts, but for those committed by the occupants of the rented house, both for the purposes of contractual resolution, as well as a possible compensation for damages and

damages. In order to economically compensate the lessor party for the expenses that may arise from the lack of observance of the rules contained herein, as well as those set forth in the rules of use deposited in the accommodation, the lessee expressly empowers to the landlord, so that, charged to the amount delivered as a guarantee deposit (reflected in the particular clauses), deposit and endorse the equivalent amount that compensates the damages or expenses that it has caused. In the event that the lessee has not delivered any amount for the above concept, and in order to offset the aforementioned expenses, the lessee expressly empowers the lessee to make a charge equivalent to said amount on the credit or debit card whose data have been consigned in the particular conditions of the present.


The CLIENT must respect the furniture and the facilities of the house. We like that all our guests, like you, find maximum comfort and cleanliness.


For reasons of the location of the property, the use of any type of pyrotechnic material (firecrackers, flares, etc.) is strictly prohibited.


Faced with evidence of VANDALISM, NOISE, Riot, FOUNDED COMPLAINTS FROM NEIGHBORS or IMPRUDENT USE of the house and its furnishings, the owners reserve the right to terminate the rental contract at any time, and the tenants must leave the property immediately.


Respect, at all times, for calm and rest, as well as coexistence with the neighbors adjacent to the rural house. For this reason, parties are not allowed.